Policies & Procedures

  • All items are subject to availability.
  • Quantities are limited. Please refer to the following price list for quantities and sizes. An asterisk* denotes patterns that may have additional items made NEW. Additional charges will apply. Please call our sales staff to discuss your event's needs.
  • Prices are as shown. No discounts will apply.
  • Please call to order an actual sample cloth. Client will be charged the rental price plus shipping for sample cloths.
  • Please call for an actual swatch, if available.
  • Revisions: Final revisions to order must be confirmed 3 days prior to ship/delivery date. A 25% restocking charge will apply to any items returned unused.
  • Cancellations: Must be faxed 24 hours prior to shipping to avoid additional charges.
  • Rental Time: Rentals held over 4 days may be subject to additional charges.
  • Deliveries: Cloths are delivered to the metro LA area only, between 10am-6pm. Pick-up occurs the business day after the event. Delivery/Pickup charges are additional.
  • Shipping: Cloths are shipped via Fed Ex 3-Day Saver to arrive one day prior to event. Shipping charges are additional, and are for one-way, unless specified.
  • Returns: Linens must be returned immediately after the event. Please refer to the Linen Return Instructions for details.
  • Damages: Estimate of damages will be determined and a Replacement Invoice will be forward to the billing party within approximately 9 days after the event. Replacement charges average 1.5 times the rental price. Helpful hints: protective glass table tops, table pads, tying instead of pinning to prevent snags. Beware of stains from flower stems. Cloths must be completely dry before bagging to prevent mildew. Please refer to the "Linen Return Instructions" for further details.
  • Security Deposits: a 25% security deposit is required on all organza items, and will be refunded upon return of undamaged cloths.
  • Terms of Payment: All orders are pre-paid or COD unless otherwise noted. For first time clients located outside of Los Angeles: a business reference must be provided; orders must also be prepaid with a money order or cashier's checks (no business check). Rush orders may use credit cards. A refundable security deposit of 50-100% will be included. Requests for credit terms must be submitted and reviewed before authorization. Credit terms are issued solely at the discretion of management.

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