Linen Return Instructions

  1. If your linens will be picked up, please place used linens in the blue bags provided by Resource One. If your order was shipped, place linens in a sturdy box.
    Do not close bags completely, leaving open enough to allow sufficient airflow. Linens must be dry. Damp linens in bags or boxes will cause mildew to spread to other cloths, resulting in damages.
  2. DO NOT overstuff bags, as these bags must be hand-carried by our delivery person.
  3. Place bags in a SAFE, DRY location awaiting pick up.
  4. You will be responsible for any lost or damaged linen. Replacement charges average 1.5 times the rental cost.
  5. Always indicate the Name and Date of Event with all linen returns.
If your linens were delivered, we will pick them up the next business day following your event.
Eddie will call you with pick-up information. If you have questions concerning your linen pick-up, he is available at (818) 343-8602.

When shipping linens back to us, please ship linens the next business day following your event. Unless otherwise arranged, all shipments should be sent via FED EX 3-DAY SAVER, with insurance for double the rental total. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the client.

Please ship linens to our warehouse address at:

Resource One Warehouse
7008 Darby Avenue
Reseda, Ca 91335

Thank You!

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